Irish Celtic Wedding Invitations

Celtic Wedding Invitations

Are you planning an Irish wedding? A modern Celtic wedding incorporates traditions from the past, here are a few ideas and sources to get you started:

  1. Irish brides used to carry a real horseshoe for good luck, modern brides now carry porcelain horseshoes or one made of fabric worn on the wrist.
  2. The chime of bells is thought to keep evil spirits away, restore harmony if a couple is fighting, and also remind a couple of their wedding vows. You could have your greeters hand out tiny bells to your guests to ring during your procession or at the reception in lieu of clinking glasses.
  3. Dark green Irish wedding invitation idea with vintage artwork and a jacquard embroidered Celtic ribbon wrap. This one was printed with vintage clip art on the overlay. View how to make invitation with ribbon wraps and order supplies from Formal-Invitationscom
  4. Wreath of wildflowers worn in the brides hair.
  5. This Celtic ring by Brilliant Earth Earth features a graceful knot on each side of the center gem. This Celtic symbol represents two souls bound by everlasting love.

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