Pale Pink Wedding Invitations with Moss Satin Ribbon

Pale Pink Wedding Invitations with Moss Satin Ribbon

Cherry blossoms are a beautiful symbol of good fortune, love and spring …a perfect theme for this season’s weddings and special events. To create these modern pink wedding invitations, the overlay was printed with vintage clip art of a cherry blossom twig, which could also be used to print on favor labels, menu cards, place cards and programs. The overlay and heavyweight Magnolia pink cardstock were wrapped in delicate unryu (rice paper) and satin Moss ribbon. View how to make invitations with unryu and ribbon wraps and order luxe invitations supplies at Formal-Invitations.com

We also love the petals for pathways and for guests to toss, as they are non-staining and not slippery (66 cups of #5 Blend for $69 from FlyboyNaturals.com).  Flyboy is the world’s largest producer of eco-friendly freeze dried petals, choose from over 105 colors!

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