teal wedding invitations with floral wrap

Teal Wedding Invitations with Floral Wrap

These elegant teal wedding invitations were created using a handmade recycled cotton Teal card, embedded with silky fibers with a white overlay wrapped using the Shigeri sash, both made from 100% post consumer fibers, for tree-free, earth friendly invitations from Formal-Invitations.com. The Shigeri sash is a modern black and white design featuring vintage Japanese artwork of leaves and delicate foliage, perfect for a modern fall wedding. View how to make invitations with fine paper wraps and order luxe invitations supplies at Formal-Invitations.com.

We also love the maple leaf chocolates, as a treat for your guests, from Xocolaterre, made from certified organic ingredients. They established links with Fair Trade farmers and processors, securing first-class cocoa and guaranteeing fair prices and good standards of living.

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