How to Make Wedding Invitations with Glass Beads

For easy instructions how to make wedding invitations with glass beads and metallic cording, view our step-by-step illustrated guide below. These diy invitations were designed for ease of use with our free invitation templates and premium invitation supplies, no special software or equipment is required. Components include a pre-cut heavyweight background cards, printable overlay and fine paper sashes and envelopes.

Helpful tips:

  1. Put together a couple of invitations from start to finish, the first few will always take much longer until you are familiar with the process.
  2. Setup your workspace as an assembly line process: complete a step for all of your invitations before moving on the to next step. If you have help, assign a step (or steps) to to one person. For example one person attaches all overlays to background cards, one person attaches the embellishments, one person addresses, stuffs and seals the envelopes.
diy invitations with beads

Items you will need

heavyweight background card, printable overlay, invitation envelope, pencil, paper trimmer or paper cutter, ruler or paper guide, metallic cord, glass beads and glue dots

Time to Assemble 2 minutes each, plus printing and cutting all of the overlays, which takes typically 1/2 to 1 hour

Easy instructions to create printable overlay for all layered invitations

1. Download our free wedding invitation templates for Word

The text for layered invitations will be printed or copied onto 8.5"x11" overlay paper using our free wedding invitation templates, the standard sized sheets are provided for ease of printing as small pre-cut overlays would be difficult to setup and feed correctly. Each sheet will provide four 4.25"x5.5" overlays.

template 2
change template text

2. Change Text and Font

Change wedding invitations wording as desired and experiment with different typefaces to get the look you want. Insert beautiful vintage invitation clip art (click for examples) for a personal touch. The free wedding invitation templates are setup for 11 lines of text using 29pt line spacing...the first line is blank to adjust for the embellishments requiring holes. You may need to make adjustments depending on length of wording and the embellishment chosen. When finished, copy and paste the text into the other three table cells.

print on overlay paper

3. Print onto Overlay Sheets

Print on test paper before printing on the overlay. Make sure you have several people proofread your text and cut the test paper in half both ways to make sure it is centered. Print on overlay's when you are sure everything is correct. We recommend purchasing water resistant ink jet ink or using a laser printer or copier, for better durability.

cut overlay paper with trimmer

4. Cut Overlay with Paper Cutter or Trimmer

After you have finished printing, you will need a paper trimmer or paper cutter to cut the overlay in half vertically and horizontally. If you are using a cutter, cut the paper 5.5" from the edge of the longer side, then again at 4.25" from the edge (longer side up). If you are using a paper trimmer, mark the overlay with a pencil using the lines on our paper guide at the top and sides or measure 5.5" down from the long side and 4.25" from the short side. Starting with the long side up, match up the pencil line with the guide marks on the trimmer. You can cut two sheets of the 65# overlay or three sheets of the vellum at a time. Mark the cut sheets on top and bottom with a pencil using the paper guide or measure 4.25" from the edge and make the final cut.

attach overlay to background card
measure cord
string beads
wrap cord

Attach the Overlay to Background Card

Use glue stick and generously apply on overlay and background card, (one stick will provide enough glue for 25 invitations)…or use two glue dots on back of overlay card. Center overlay onto background card and press firmly and evenly to adhere. Let dry if using glue stick.

Center the sash on the front side of card and flip over, fold one end of sash down on back of card. Peel clear liner off a glue dot and press glue dot on the end of wrap. Press other end of sash on top of glue dot to seal.

Cut a 88″ piece of metallic cord (or eight lengths of a standard 8.5×11 letter size sheet of paper or uncut overlay).

String one bead on cord.

Slide bead down 11″ or length of standard 8.5×11 letter size sheet of paper or uncut overlay, hold with your thumb and finger, then tie knot around bead to keep from sliding.

String four more beads on cord, position the last bead about 3″ to the right of first bead (or half of the background card, as a guide), hold with your thumb and finger, then tie knot around bead to keep from sliding.

Center beads on front of card, hold in position with your thumb and wrap cord eight times around card.

Tie a double knot with the ends of cord on the back and trim.

Flip card and adjust cording and beads, if necessary.

Assembling and Addressing Wedding Invitations

We recommend handwriting the addresses to your guests on the front of envelopes for a personal touch, and using our easy-to-print return address envelope labels on the back of envelopes, which double as a seal. The envelope is addressed with the guest’s full name and address, avoid using abbreviations for streets and cities. The return address should be on the back flap of the outer envelope. When assembling your invitations, the reply card with stamped envelope or reply postcard should be on top, then the reception card, then the invitation. Use an envelope seal for an elegant touch.

Mailing your Wedding Invitations

Before stamping, bring a sample of the completed invitations to the post office to determine the correct postage. Invitations should be mailed four weeks before your wedding or six weeks for out-of-town guests or if your wedding falls near a holiday.

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