How to Make Envelope Liners

For easy instructions how to make envelope liners, view our video tutorial and step-by-step illustrated guide below. Components include envelopes, liners and glue stick. Helpful tip: Put together a couple of envelopes with liners from start to finish, the first few will always take much longer until you are familiar with the process.

envelope liners

Items you will need

invitation envelope, envelope liner, and glue stick

Time to Assemble 1/2 minute each

center liner on envelope
fold liner at envelope crease
glue top flap
fold to seal

Attach Liner to Envelope

Center upside-down liner on envelope, just below glue line.

Fold liner down at envelope crease.

Fold back liner so right side is facing up and line up liner crease with envelope crease.

Fold down liner and generously apply glue stick to the top of the liner and envelope flap, (one stick will provide enough glue for 25 envelopes).

Close envelope and press to adhere, let dry.

Assembling and Addressing Wedding Invitations

We recommend handwriting the addresses to your guests on the front of envelopes for a personal touch, and using our easy-to-print return address envelope labels on the back of envelopes, which double as a seal. The envelope is addressed with the guest’s full name and address, avoid using abbreviations for streets and cities. The return address should be on the back flap of the outer envelope. When assembling your invitations, the reply card with stamped envelope or reply postcard should be on top, then the reception card, then the invitation. Use an envelope seal for an elegant touch.

Mailing your Wedding Invitations

Before stamping, bring a sample of the completed invitations to the post office to determine the correct postage. Invitations should be mailed four weeks before your wedding or six weeks for out-of-town guests or if your wedding falls near a holiday.