New Fine Paper Wraps for DIY Wedding Invitations

 New Fine Paper Wraps for
DIY Wedding Invitations

These new fine paper wraps embellishments from are used to create unique wedding invitations by wrapping an exquisite fine paper band around a printed overlay card, layered on top of a heavyweight cardstock. View our collection of over 20 fine paper wraps.

The beautiful Robin’s Egg sash, is hand screen-printed with a new hi-tech process combining pigment colors, metallic inks and foil.

Stunning textured Ginkgo sashes contain silk-screened fans in a frosted pearl-like metallic lavender wave throughout the paper, like windblown ginkgo leaves dangling from a tree. A raised, suede-like flocking outlines each fan in a rich, deep black.

Exotic Zebra sashes are made from a woodgrain pattern that takes on a zebra-like quality when presented in black and white. A subtle veined background of lighter greys add to the dimension of this paper.

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