red white and blue wedding invitations

Red White and Blue Wedding Invitations DIY

These red white and blue wedding invitations feature vintage artwork and a ruby crystal brad, perfect for a July 4th, military, patriotic wedding or political event. The 100% recycled overlay was printed with a vintage stars and stripes illustration ($14 vintage clip art book from, which could be used throughout your event on place cards, menu cards and programs for a cohesive look. We used a sparkling ruby red crystal brad to attach the overlay to the metallic blue heavy weight card from, a family owned and operated boutique), order diy invitations using brads here.

We also love these all natural, bio-degradable freeze dried rose petals from for a splash of red, …the perfect eco-friendly choice for corporate events, rose petal walkways, table decorations and plane fly overs. They are non-staining, not slippery and grown in the USA.

Save with these DIY invitations using premium invitations supplies.
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