purple, brown and gold invitations

Purple, Brown and Gold Wedding Invitations

We love these gorgeous linens from Natori, purveyor of luxurious clothing and bedding collections featuring rich fabrics and an artisan’s touch. They gave us the idea for these gorgeous purple wedding invitations using a deep Eggplant background card and crisp white overlay wrapped with a fine paper wrap. The Java wrap is made from dark chocolate brown paper printed with a metallic gold design inspired by Janaki, a famous princess from Janakpur city in Nepal. This print honors her and was inspired by Mithila art, a traditional painting skill of many Nepalese women passed down from generation to generation. Designs will vary as each sash is unique. Beautiful and exotic with a down-to-earth price. View how to make invitations with fine paper wraps and order luxe invitations supplies at Formal-Invitations.com.

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