Handmade Leaf Imprint 5×7 Cardstock for Invitations


Handmade cotton paper with an imprint made from leaves and twigs 5×7 cardstock for invitations to create layered DIY wedding and event invitations.

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Handmade Leaf Imprint 5×7 Cardstock for Invitations (approx. 5 x 7 inches): 250-300 gsm heavyweight cover 100% recycled white cotton processed chlorine free Handmade cards are made from margosa tree twigs and leaves which are placed between two sheets then passed through a pressing machine. The pressure on the sheets crushes the leaves which are then removed revealing a beautiful imprint. This process Requires no chemicals of any kind and the imprint is the color extract of the leaves themselves …natural color in its purest form. Cards will vary in thickness print arrangement and color. Background cards are used for our unique layered invitations. A printed overlay embellishment and envelope is required to complete the look. Click to view complete list of blank invitation supplies.

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Dimensions7 × 5 × 0.01 in