wedding colors blue and gray

Spring Wedding Colors – French Blue

These spring wedding colors feature muted French blue, sea glass and storm gray which give a sea-inspired, elegant vibe. An easy way to apply these colors to your wedding is to use the designers 60-30-10 formula. Apply 60% of the main color in your palette, 30% of the secondary and 10% for the accent to bridesmaid’s attire, table settings, invitations and floral arrangements. For example use the main color for your table linen, the secondary color for napkins and use the highlight color for napkin holders. Bridesmaid’s attire would feature the main color, with the secondary in jewelry and bouquet, using shoes for the highlight color.

Resources: J Crew Sophie dress in in Haven Blue: classic faille has a subtle sheen and a fluid structure that tailors and drapes  beautifully, plus it has discreet pockets, sea glass necklace from Etsy Sea and Cake, and invitations made from handmade cotton paper embedded with petals. View DIY blue wedding invitations from

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