spring summer wedding colors

Wedding Colors for Summer

We have put together our latest wedding colors  for summer, inspired by the latest fashion trends. These color combinations vary from elegant, muted shades to bold, vibrant hues to suit your theme.

How to Use the Wedding Colors  Palettes

For easy application try the designers tip of applying 60% of the palette for your main color, 30% as the secondary and 10% as the accent.

To help selecting your color scheme,  first start with your venue. If the room features a dominant color, you might want to use this hue in your palette. If the room is a neutral shade, you can add color using with table linens, lighting or even with floral arrangements. Bridesmaid’s dresses can feature the main or secondary color, with the accent color used in jewelry or the bouquet. Invitations can also feature the main or secondary color, using a colored embellishment, such as sash, crystal jewel or ribbon with the accent color.

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